What Is the Healthiest Kind of Bra to Wear?

What is the healthiest kind of bra to wear?

Believe it or not, there are some controversial links between women’s health and bras. Did you know that? There are several studies have shown that if you sleep with your bra your lymphatic system can’t properly drain because of a breast restriction.

 So, to avoid this, the idea is to wear no bra at all or one of the most comfortable wireless bra. It will be ideal to live a no-bra life, but there are people that are not 100% comfortable not wearing one in places outside the security of their homes.  This is why, find a seamless and wireless bra, that provides the same level of support but gives you all the comfort you need and want and keeps your health on point.


Your healthy bra should be made with breathable fabric, and if possible, also organic. Other good choices are organic bamboo and cotton. When the fabric is breathable it will wick away moisture keeping your chest area not only cool but also comfortable. While sweating, our bodies eliminate toxins, and to be honest keeping them inside a sweaty bra is not just unhealthy but it will also be very uncomfortable for you.

In general, it is important that you pay attention to getting your bra properly fitted. And I’m sure there are a lot of women going around with bras that have been poorly fitted. This can happen because of many reasons but isn’t hard to fix. The bra band should be comfortably snugging but not restricting.

Your breasts should bulge out of the cups either, and they shouldn’t look puckered or wrinkly, which means they’re too large. Getting a fitting with a professional should be ideal, that’s why, in general, my best recommendation will be to always look for brands that sell comfortable underwear for women, like Cosmolle.

 If your bra is heavily padded, a push-up bra or even a t-shirt bra, won’t be the best idea, as this artificial manipulation of your breast tissue isn’t really the healthiest. It is important to have in mind, the stage of life you are in. There are moments, like pregnancy, menopause, or breastfeeding when hormonal changes will make your breasts fluctuate in size.


Bras with stretchy and flexible fabric will be the best to accommodate these changes. This will give your breast tissue freedom and movement and also detox and a healthy lymphatic flow. Have in mind that your lymphatic system actually relies on your physical movement so it can flow properly. 

So basically, the healthiest bras to wear are the ones that won’t cause you any problems, are comfortable and use breathable and flexible fabrics that also give you great support. If they are seamless and wireless, you have probably found the jackpot.  If they have an added extra ingredient that will take care of your skin like the ones from Cosmolle do, then that is an amazing extra too.

Cosmolle products have an inclusive size range and come in different styles, so you don’t have to give up on your amazing comfort for looking good. Their products are eco-friendly and sustainable, where their main focus is your comfort, you, and our planet, and taking care of it.