Our Purpose

We're redefining self-care with wireless bras and underwear that'll love you back.

Self-care is the act of loving every single part of you -the good and the not so good, and giving each part of you the best there is. Because you're worth it.

Because you're
worth it.

Here, your comfort comes first, and self care is a daily ritual. So we've designed bras and underwear that does just that. We've even sprinkled some skincare ingredients because, why not. #Selfcare.

« We're keeping it
real underneath.»

3D Printed

That makes it keeps its shape

Wire-free, pain-free

Less marterial, less sewing, no wires

Breathable cups

Collagen-infused fibers

Made with

when by women for women.

How it all started

How many of you the first thing you do when you get home is to take off your bra? If this is still a part of your daily routine, you are not doing it right.

Bras should be comfortable.

However, we often compromise on comfort for the look. We wear high heels because it gives us women a more feminine gait. We wear pushed-up bras and underwire bras to uplift our breasts to make them look perkier. Sure we look pretty but do we feel pretty? How can you genuinely feel pretty when your bra constantly irritates you? Also, has it ever occurred to you that the bras like the pushed-up ones are a metaphor for what the world expects of us as women? The fact is nowadays, we focus too much on how we look instead of how we feel, but actually how we feel is what truly matters at the end of the day.

Ladies and girls, we must validate our feelings because the only validation you need comes from within. Comfort is one of the feelings, and we can't overlook it. Comfort is the state of being physically relaxed, and it also is the state when you are comfortable with your true authentic self.


How it's going

No compromise on comfort, and that's what Cosmolle goes after.

Our unique design and advanced fabric technology deliver never-experienced bra comfort to you and help you express your authentic self. With Cosmolle, you don't need to compromise comfort to look good and feel good; and with our collection, we will be your best life companion to be there for you every step you take on your life journey and adventure.

Cosmolle is more than a brand or product. Cosmolle is where we as women prioritize.

Our needs and feelings; Cosmolle is where we can thrive together by supporting each other's self-discovery journey; Cosmolle is where we can unapologetically be our authentic selves.

Cosmolle, be comfortable; be your authentic self; be bold.

What matters to us

We're more than just a underwear brand.

People matter
In the same way we celebrate different body types, we celebrate people of all different shapes, sizes, colors, lifestyle, and age. We're committed to a culture of inclusivity and diversity and to never stop progressing.
You matter
We believe that prioritizing self care is the first step to giving the world the best version of you. Whether that’s skincare,or a solo coffee date, mental and physical wellbeing are a top priority here. That's why we created a bra for you to do it all in and give your girls some TLC while you're at it.
Earth matter
Sustainability is a key component of our brand.  We believe that by creating durable and quality products, you'll need less of them - saving the environment and your wallet.


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