Trending Fall Activewear to Fall In Love With

Trending Fall Activewear to Fall In Love With

Ever since the brands started launching athleisure back in the 2010s, people have started working out even more. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that gym subscriptions have started selling more, and people have started investing in activewear more. There was a time when you could hit the gym in band tees and cotton shorts with elastic waistbands.

On the other hand, these days, the body-hugging yoga sets are all in because exercising has become a trend instead of only a physical activity. So, if you are ready to hit the gym this fall season, we are sharing the trending activewear sets that won’t disappoint you. In simpler words, you will actually be motivated to hit the gym!

Activewear Dresses or Bodysuits

In the past few years, the number of people playing pickleball and tennis has increased, which has sky-rocketed the demand for activewear dresses or bodysuits. Thanks to big brands, bodysuits have gained popularity because there’s an overlap of traditional activewear with stylish clothes. These suits have been popping in and out of fashion for a long time, and this time, they are here to stay.

The bodysuits are suitable to become the workout dress. That’s because they can make your body stand out. Also, they are suitable to layer with coats when you’ve to go to the gym in the snow. Also, the bodysuits are so versatile, you can show them off outside the gym. For instance, you can wear pants and throw on a blazer for great work attire.

In fact, you can even wear a supportive bra under a bodysuit for a jogging session. Not to forget, you can put on some boots and go for a hike. In simpler words, there are endless ways to stylish a bodysuit.

Premium Seamless Bike Short Bodysuit


The workout sessions are incomplete without leggings, and they are going to be in fashion this fall. It’s safe to say that there will always be space for leggings in the activewear industry. They are focusing on activewear with which you can go wherever you want. That’s the reason the companies are using comfortable fabrics and stylish details for the leggings. Also, they are focusing on optimal fit.

The leggings have a perfect stretch for yoga as well as intense workout sessions. In addition, they have moisture-wicking properties, softness, and opacity. However, when you have to shop for leggings, you’ve to find a balance between not-too-tight and not-too-loose. It’s better to choose leggings with zippers or a waistband for a promising finish.


Ever since 2022, Balletcore has been in trend. However, in 2023, the unitards are making a full comeback. They are usually worn by dancers, but they provide exceptional support. For this reason, they have become a suitable choice for workout enthusiasts. The high-intensity trainers, as well as yoga ladies, can opt for unitards.

You can pair the unitards with sweatshirts or sweatshirts. In fact, you can tie these shirts around the waist. If you opt for one, it’s better to choose the one with thinner straps because it suits the athletic aesthetic. In addition, if you want to make it more stylish, choose a unitard with a boat neck. The best thing is that they are made from stretchy and soft fabrics, so they don’t constrict you.

For instance, you can look for a four-way stretch fabric. Also, it must have moisture-wicking properties so your workout sessions are comfortable. The one in the picture below is the most comfortable option. To illustrate, there are no front seams, promising comfort with style. Also, it has a contouring seam, which helps accentuate your body’s curves.

Premium Seamless Full Length Bodysuit

Premium Seamless Full Length Bodysuit

Retro Designs

Even if we talk about activewear, it can be cyclical at times. That’s because the activewear designers are also taking inspiration from previous fashion eras. For instance, minimalism is all in because the activewear this season will be all about clean cuts and nude colors. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that these clothes look like something you could wear to a tennis game.

On top of everything, you can pair the tank top with flare leggings. This is a perfect way of updating the gym sessions. This look is a promising choice for women who love going for yoga and Pilates. Also, if you have to go somewhere on the weekends, you can easily wear it to coffee dates and brunch with the girls. To complete the look, just wear a button-down and tuck it in.

Seamless Tank Top & Legging Set - Dusty Gray
Seamless Tank Top & Legging Set - Dusty Gray

Minimal Luxury

Minimal luxury might not be a new concept, but it’s all the rage. It is completely opposite of dopamine dressing. That’s because there are earthy tones in the activewear, and it has contoured seams, which look amazing on every figure. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the activewear looks elevated and elegant. Also, fall 2023 is all about flattering cuts and subtle colors.

This is the combination that shows minimal luxury. Even more, when you use these colors, you will look rich, luxurious, and chic. For instance, this crop top is a perfect example of luxury without being extravagant. It is made from mesh fabric, which is breathable for exercise and workout sessions. Also, the long-sleeve design makes it look elegant and versatile. Not to forget, you can use it as a long sleeve legging set.

 Move Free Mesh Long Sleeve Crop Top

Move Free Mesh Long Sleeve Crop Top

Sustainable Fabrics

Last but not least, the fall activewear trends are incomplete without sustainable fabrics. That’s because the brands are using eco-friendly and recycled fabrics, which are a great way of saving the environment. The customers are demanding for eco-friendly fabrics because they want to create a green environment.

For instance, Cosmolle is using recycled nylon material in their clothes. This material is soft, breathable, and feels like second skin. The fabric has a buttery finish that promises zero irritation. All in all, you get the best of both worlds as you are helping reduce fabric waste in the industry.