Tips to Choose the Right Figure-Matching Underwear

Tips to Choose the Right Figure-Matching Underwear

Let’s face, when we are buying clothes, we pay a lot more attention to the fact that we are picking the right size and fit for us, right? But do we actually pay attention like that when we are picking our underwear? Probably not. I’m sure most people simply chooses the first thing they find and like and also the size they think they are.

But let’s be honest, when you are wearing the right underwear, it can really make you feel confident but also very comfortable. The right underwear should feel like second skin on your day to day but also very sexy during special occasions. We highly recommend you to have a stack of your favorite and right underwear in your closet, it is a must. Don’t forget to add a most comfortable bra or a few more to your drawers too.

There are some important things that you have to have in mind when you’re choosing the right underwear. They are the following:



One of those important things to think about when you are buying your next underwear is definitively the size. You need to measure your waist size and also your hip line. If possible, always get measured by a professional on the uunderwear store. But please, don’t just guess your size using a chart online. If possible, please, double check your size, so you’re getting the right one. If not, you’ll end up with underwear that is too tight and bites into your skin and creates bulges, that are honestly unflattering, or it will be sliding off your body.


Purpose and shape

It’s very important that you have in mind when and where you are going to wear the underwear that you are getting. And believe it or not, every style serves a different purpose and it’s on you to choose it. For example, you’re probably not going to wear lace underwear on a camping trip but you’re probably going to do so during a date, right?

Now that you have chosen the purpose and size, the shape is next on your list. Probably the most common styles or shapes are things, bikinis but there are more like G-strings, hipsters, tummy tuckers, boxers, etc. We all have some big underwear that we have set aside for the period days, the lace ones and thongs for sexy occasions and maybe the bikini and underwear bundle for day-to-day use. Right? I know I do.



Material and colors

Another important thing to have in mind the materials and colors. And once again you have to have in mind the purpose and maybe a big idea of the clothing you have in your closet... It’s also not bad to color coordinate your underwear, so it’s sexy too. You can choose from materials like cotton, lace, satin, spandex, etc. Generally, for daily use, the best material is cotton, while spandex, or polyester are good for shapewear. The same applies to your bras. Some are made with materials, that made them a seamless bra and that bring so much comfort.



These might seem like these aspects are obvious, but we tend to overlook them when we are buying underwear. If you have tons of them, don’t feel ashamed, better to have a bit more than not having any right? Besides the right underwear will look good under your clothing and when they are clean and comfortable, your mood will be improved.