How to Properly Wash Bra & Underwear

How to Properly Wash Bra & Underwear

Like most of our clothes, our underwear has to have a special care when it comes to getting them clean. Are you paying attention to the tags they have? If not, you should start doing it, because our underwear is actually and investment and we do want it to last as much as possible, right?

And yes, some underwear can totally have fibers that with time will eventually lose its elasticity and will stretch, but if you provide them with the right laundry care, then you’ll most likely keep them looking good and fitting right for longer.

You’ll mainly need a mesh underwear bag and gentle laundry detergent to do so.


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Washing your bras

There are definitively two people when it comes washing bras. One of them, are the ones that actually hand wash them, and others that are the ones that toss them in the washer. Depending on your bra, you can do both but if your bras are very delicate, you should hand-wash them. If they’re studier, like a bra bundle
, then they can go into the washing machine.

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When your bra is made of sheer, lace or has a lot of ornaments wash them with gentle detergent and by hand. You’ll need to fill your sink with water and a bit or detergent, soak it for a few minutes and then work the suds through its material. Then rinse it with cold water and then to get the excess of water roll it over a towel before letting in air dry after also reshaping the cups. Please, never put in a dryer machine.  Why? Because of their underwire shaping and they’ll break if they’re getting twisted too much and the harsh detergent can cause rust on them.

If your bra has any kind of gel padding, please hand wash it. Your daily wear bra
, you can use a mesh underwear bag and put it in the washer. Use the delicate cycle in cool water because hot water will break the fabrics and elastic. Also, air dry them.

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Washing your panties

For panties, you can follow the same rules that you have for the bras. If they are sheer or lace or too ornamented, then it is better to hand wash them. Your nylon or silk ones can be machine wash but in a mesh bag, this way you will be preventing them from tangling or stretching, especially best women thong
. For them you can use warm water and a cold rinse and of course, using delicate detergent. If your panties are made out of cotton, you can wash them in hot water but the life of their elastic (waist or legs) won’t be too long. Always air dry them. If they have any stains, treat them before washing.


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Remember to have all of this in mind so your underwear lasts longer and so does your investment. Besides a clean looking and fitting underwear will give you a lot of confidence on your daily life or on any special night… and I’m sure it will boost your mood too.