Don't Miss out on Eco-friendly & Skin-Friendly Clothes

Don't miss out on eco-friendly and skin-friendly clothes

The lifestyle of the world's people has changed after the pandemic, and our fashion style is no exception. After going through a long and tiring journey, in the end, the pandemic made us care more about health and the environment. This is why the demand for sustainable products continues to grow, and the concept of sustainable living also has an impact on the world of fashion.

The sustainable fashion campaign is supported by the awareness of many people about the climate crisis which is a current environmental threat. One of the popular brands, Cosmolle, claims that following the trend of sustainable fashion to create a greener planet can be started by changing our daily essentials, such as bras, underwear and activewear.

But, did you know that sustainable fashion actually has more benefits than you can think of right now? Below are 5 reasons why you should never miss out on eco-friendly clothes!

  1. Environmentally Friendly

Recycled materials are the flagship of brands that promote sustainable concepts, one of which is Cosmolle. The brand use recycled nylon to create their sports bras and yoga sets, and it's something that women who care about sustainability are happy about.

  1. Safe For All Skin Types

AirWear Fits Everybody Boy Short

Sensitive skin is at greater risk of irritation when wearing tight clothes, so choosing underwear to sports leggings is crucial. This is where we need the role of sustainable fashion because the products are friendly to all skin types.

Eco-friendly underwear is designed not only to meet ethical standards for the environment and workers, but also for the wearer. The fabrics used certainly do not contain harmful and anti-irritant materials.

Interestingly, with high technology, innovative skin-loving materials are also being introduced, one of which is recycled fish scales. This material contains natural collagen which can maintain the elasticity and moisture of our skin, then it is processed into Collagen Polyamide Yarn. We may have never imagined this before, but Cosmolle was the first brand to bring this innovation to women around the world. Skincare in underwear, you must be interested in wearing it!

  1. Extremely Comfortable


One of the reasons why a jersey is starting to be left behind, while a long sleeve legging set reigns supreme, is the comfort factor. Sustainable activewear contains more natural fibers and recycled materials that are processed more carefully to obtain premium quality. Their products are light, flexible and very comfortable to wear for sports, yoga and even dancing. Without over selling, facts do whisper that eco-friendly activewear and underwear are like second skins that hug your body perfectly.

  1. Durable

Durability is the goal of sustainable fashion. The process of designing, selecting materials to production needs to be calculated precisely, and the result is clothing products that have a long term of use.

Think about the underwear and wireless bras that you wear every day, if you don't consider durability, you might end up with products that stretch and tear easily. But by choosing the best eco-friendly underwear, you will get the most appropriate product that can maintain its shape and quality even though you have worn it and washed it many times.

  1. Versatile And Classy Design

Fancy Summer Crossover Rib Bralette

 Unlike fast fashion which is produced and offered quickly to catch up with hype seasonal trends, sustainable fashion tends to adopt designs that are minimalist and timeless. This point does not reduce the favor of sustainable stuffs, on the contrary the impression that is highlighted is elegant and classy.

The versatility of eco-friendly clothing is a strong appeal. Now you can even wear yoga sets from the gym to lunch with friends, and still look stylish. Sustainable wireless bras can also be your go-to top to be combined with your favorite pair of jeans for an effortlessly stunning style.

Well, now there's no reason to miss out on underwear, activewear or clothing that carries the concept of sustainability. It's time for us to take action in a fashion that is friendly to the planet and our own bodies!