The First "Recycled Fish Scales To Collagen-Infused Bra" You Need to Own

The First "Recycled Fish Scales To Collagen-Infused Bra"  You Need to  Own

Cosmolle has launched the first eco-friendly women's bra. The bra made of Collagen Polyamide Yarn is the first of its kind. Available exclusively on their website, the beautiful and trendy bras want to revolutionize the undergarments industry. The bras are comfortable, light, and come in all shapes and sizes. Cosmolle has achieved all this using cutting-edge technology.

Here are reasons why you need the new Collagen Infused Bra From Cosmolle

  1. Eco-Friendly Solutions

Mark Ruffalo, an actor, and an environmental activist say, "Climate change is the greatest threat to our existence in our short history on this planet. Nobody is going to buy their way out of its effects." Cosmolle's use of collagen Collagen Polyamide Yarn to produce their bras is perfectly eco-friendly. Carbon emissions from cotton will be 220 million metric tons. The use of alternative eco-friendly fabric such as Collagen Polyamide is the solution.

  1. Collagen Coated Bras

Cosmolle bras are designed entirely by women. The unique and sleek design of Cosmolle bras prioritizes comfort and self-care. Cosmolle also cares about the environment. That is why Cosmolle has made it its mission to produce its most comfortable wireless bra. Cosmolle's textile choice is Collagen Polyamide Yarn. The textile is created from 100% recycled fish scales.

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 Cosmolle's bras are infused with collagen. Collagen is a naturally occurring protein that improves your skin's elasticity and promotes bone development. Collagen is harmless to the skin. Cosmolle believes that bras should not cause skin damage and speed up aging.

 Unlike other fabrics used in the production of bras, collagen does not irritate your skin. Cosmolle underwear is infused with collagen, amino acids, and antioxidants to help keep your skin fresh and maximize comfort.

  1. Bras For All Shapes and Sizes

Cosmolle bras come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you are searching for extra comfort, luxury, or endless support, Cosmolle has a bra for you. Cosmolle collagen bras have fixed cups fitted into the bra. Fixed cups ensure you don't have to adjust your bra every time. Bras that adjust are comfortable and do not require constant adjustment, which is a perennial problem.  


  1. 3-D Printed

Cosmolle has replaced traditional stitching with 3-D printing technology to make better and more sustainable undergarments for you. 3-D printing is accurate and requires minimum labor to produce undergarments. The outer and inner parts of the bra are stitched together, leaving space for maximum breathability. Cosmolle believes using 3-D printing technology is a sustainable way to produce undergarments.

  1. Comfort Oriented

We know how daunting a search for a bra can be. Uncomfortable bras can be painful, and they can hinder your everyday schedule. Comfort is the first quality that shoppers look for in a bra.

Cosmolle's collagen bras offer maximum comfort for every size, shape, and support need. The revolution sports bra is made to satisfy your bra comfort needs. Whatever your cup size, Cosmolle has a bra for you. Moreover, Cosmolle's bras have fitted, breathable cups that keep shape for a longer time. Cosmolle bras and underwear have a multi-way stretch design, ensuring that weight is evenly distributed and you do not feel pain when you move. 

  1. Eco-friendly

Single-use shopping bags contribute immensely to the pileup of garbage, and it's killing our oceans. Let's face the facts: the world doesn't need more garbage. Cosmolle found a way to save the earth. Cosmolle's bras are delivered in 100% recyclable shopping bags. Using recyclable bags means you won't have to throw out your packaging material. How impressive is that?

 Wireless Bras For Extra Comfort

Cosmolle wireless bras come with all the benefits a wireless bra offers. The wireless bra is less binding and has extra support for your breasts. If the first attribute you look for in a bra is comfort, wireless bras are the way to go. Women are embracing wireless bras now more than ever, and Cosmolle knows that. With the help of 3-D printing technology, Cosmolle's wireless bras are practical and cute, ideal for every woman.

 Shopping Guide For Cosmolle Customers

Shopping for a fitting bra is tough. Still wondering how you can shop for the best comfortable bra from Cosmolle? Before shopping for your bra at Cosmolle, you need to know how to get your fit right. A woman's bra size varies over time due to weight gain, hormones, pregnancy, and nursing. Thus women are always shopping for bras without getting the fit right. The good news is that you can shop for the most comfortable bra using this guide.

  1. Know Your Bra Size

Knowing your bra size is the holy grail of picking that perfect bra. Many women shop for bras without having all their measurements taken, which is sad. Some women take for granted the benefits that a well-fitting bra can do for your body and skin. Here is what you can do to know your bra size.

  • Get fitted. Take your bra measurements at home. Get your friend or sister to help you take your measurements. When getting fitted, there are two crucial measurements any woman needs; Your cup size and your band length. Measure below the ribcage and round it off to the nearest even number. That is your band size.
  • Use that perfect bra that you have as a reference. If possible, find the measurements on it and carry this information with you all the time. Knowing your bra measurements will ease your shopping experience.

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  1. Find the Right Support

Women's bodies come in different shapes and sizes. A bra that gives someone else the perfect support won't do the same for you. You need to know what works for you. Getting that bra that gives you the best support is essential. Bra support comes from the band. A well-designed band will hold down your breasts without eating into your flesh. The band is everything when it comes to supporting. A good band has straps which you should know how to use properly. A good bra should be fitted with several straps. If one strap becomes loose, you can switch to another one.

  1. Two Different Sizes

It is common to have one breast larger than the other. The fact that you have one breast larger than the other does not need to be an issue when shopping for a comfortable and fitting bra. If the size difference between your bra troubles you when getting the right fit, you don't need to worry. You can shop for a bra that has removable cups. Remove the bra cup from the smaller breast, and you have a solution.

Cosmolle's breathtaking innovation is aimed at making your bra shopping experience worthwhile. The new soft and breathable bras will change how women shop for bras.