How To Select A Right Size Bra for Daily Wear without Boring?

How To Select A Right Size Bra for Daily Wear without Boring?

If you have worn an ill-fitting bra or a bra in the wrong size before, you will know that this can ruin an outfit instantly. It will compress the breast and causes back, shoulder and neck pain. In order to avoid such problem, it is important to find and invest in undergarments that are of the right fit, cut and size.

That being said, it is not a simple task to find the right bra size. Different brands have different bra sizes. For example, a B cup in one brand may be a C cup at another. Also, the bra sizes may grow or shrink, especially on the band after going through numerous washing. In order to buy the best comfortable bra with the ideal fit and support, you have to know your bra size by taking the correct bust measurements. When you know your measurements, it will make shopping a lot easier. All you need is a measuring tape and knowing how to measure your breasts correctly.

 How To Tell If You Are Wearing The Right Bra Size?

There are some tell-tale signs that you may not be wearing the right bra size such as the underwire poking the sides of your breasts, the band that goes up when you move or lift your arms, wrinkling on the cups, shoulder straps keep slipping and your breasts overflow out from the cups or there are gaps. If you encounter the one or more of these issues, you should measure your bust following the steps below and get yourself the comfortable underwear for women that fits properly.


The Band Size

Go braless or wear a non-padded bra while measuring your bust. Start with the torso area that is right below the bust where the bra band sits. Hold the tape snugly and it should be levelled. If the band measurement is even, you have to add four inches. If the measurement is odd, add five inches. Your band size is the total sum of this calculation. For example, if you measure 32 inches, your band size will be 36 and if you measured 35, your band size is 40 inches. 

Measuring Your Bust

To measure the bust, wrap the tape loosely around the fullest part of your chest and that is at the nipple level. Round the measurement to the nearest whole number.


How To Calculate The Cup Size

Here is a bit of math equation that you have to do to calculate the cup size. Use the band size and subtract it from the bust measurement and refer to the bra cup size chart below. The size of your bra is derived from your band size together with your cup size. 

Should You Size Up or Size Down?

If you really must go down one cup size for a better fit, go up one band size and vice versa. An example is that if a 34C is too big need to go down a cup size for fit, go up one band size, and vice versa. For example, if a 34C cup is too big for you, move to 36B. 

Tips On How To Make Sure The Bra Is The Correct Size

  • Bend forward at the waist and slip on the bra, and hook it.This will make sure that your breasts are completely in the bra cup.
  • Remember to adjust the band. The front of the bra should be level with the back. 
  • Make sure the bra is not too tight or too loose. You should be able to slide only one finger underneath the band comfortably.
  • The band should be tightened and the bra straps shorten. Ensure that the straps stay put and not digging.
  • To test how the bra looks when you have on a top, put on a close-fitting T-shirt and if the cups pucker or the breast bulge, this means that you are not wearing the correct size. 
  • Stand sideways in front of a mirror and take a look at yourself.Your breasts should be somewhere between your shoulders and elbows. If they are not, then you would need a more supportive and better-fitting bra.