Explore Stylish Activewear Options for The Autumn Season

Explore Stylish Activewear Options for The Autumn Season

If you want to be fashionable, you won’t need a specific season to do it, but this time we will focus on exploring many fantastic ideas to wear stylish activewear during the autumn season.

Activewear has become so popular that everyone keeps wearing their favorite pieces for everything… to go to the gym, to run errands, to have brunch with friends, and even to stay at home. The reality is that best activewear sets are so comfortable that everyone just chooses to wear them no matter what.

Seamless Crop Tank & Leggings Set - Chestnut Brown

Is it ok to wear activewear during autumn?

Yes, you can wear your favorite activewear pieces during any season. There are shorts, for example, for those who are okay showing off their legs during summer, and leggings for those who don’t and that just rather keep a bit warmer during colder seasons.

You simply need to choose the right pieces for this season. As it is the season when the cold weather starts making an appearance, it’s important that you keep warm, and comfortable and are allowed to move freely.

Where can you get the perfect and most fashionable activewear pieces?

One of our favorite places to get, for example, a long sleeve legging set, which is perfect for not only autumn but also winter time, is Cosmolle.


AirWear Long Sleeve & High-Waist Legging Set

They are a sustainable activewear brand that wants to empower woman and their customers in general with their sustainable and eco-friendly fashion. And they really want to do their part to our environment while making you feel and look good.

Not only is being sustainable extremely important for them as a brand but so are body positivity and inclusivity. They have an inclusive size range, and their pieces are made with high-quality eco-friendly and sustainable materials that will hold up for a long time.

What pieces are the best to wear during autumn?

As this is the season when the weather starts slowly getting colder, it is important that you dress accordingly, no matter if it’s activewear.

It is recommended to wear leggings for sure, and if possible, a long-sleeve sports top. But if you don’t have one or can’t gain access to one, a great idea is to layer. Wear a sports bra and a sports jacket, or both, and also a normal, kind of sporty T-shirt. It will be up to you.

If it is not too cold yet, and you still believe it is okay to wear shorts, then wear them, but layer accordingly too. A nice jacket to keep you warm if the weather changes drastically and unannounced.

When it comes to what colors to choose, as always, is up to you if you want to wear your favorite colors, even if they are bright pink, but if you want to follow a little bit of the autumn and fall color scheme, then maybe browns or nudes are the best choice. Black will be a great option during any season too, and autumn isn’t the exception.

Our favorite pieces for autumn

As we promised earlier, we wanted to show you our favorite pieces from Cosmolle, that we believe are the perfect ones for autumn. Why? Mostly because they are the ones that are going to keep you warm and are perfect to mix and match with many other pieces of their collection as well as what you can have at home.

The first piece is their Premium Seamless Full-Length Bodysuit. This ribbed bodysuit will hug your body and your curves in the right places and thanks to its 4-way stretch fabric you will have excellent freedom of movement and support.

It doesn’t have a front seam, and adjustable cross-back straps. It also has removable cups in its built-in shelf bra. One of the best things is that its buttery soft knit fabric will feel almost weightless. It has contouring seam details that will provide control in the tummy area as well as back scrunch seam details that will enhance the butt curves. It’s perfect for workouts of low and mid-intensity.


Premium Seamless Full Length Bodysuit

The next one is the Seamless Zip-Up Sports Top. This top is made with a unique structure of seamless and soft compression fabric, that isn’t only stretchy but it also flexible. It has a front zip closure and a fitted silhouette.

It has also a 4-way stretch fabric that is comfortable, it also offers enhanced support on the chest. Thanks to its zipper design you’ll look stylish and experience a lot of ease. It also offers comfort and support while shaping you and is made with recycled materials as well as Fair Trade certified.


Seamless Zip-Up Sports Top

Also, we have the Move Free High Waisted Flare Legging. They are designed to provide confidence and comfort. They have a flared leg design with a front split. You won’t only get additional ventilation but also you will be able to showcase your sneakers.

It is also made with recycled and ultra-soft fabric; it smooths and sculpts. It has a skinny crossover waistband and a flared fit, that is lightweight and breathable too.


And finally, we have the Move Free Knot Long Sleeve Top. It is made with skin-friendly and moisture-wicking yarn. It has a neckline that has a chic knot and also has an elasticized hem, that will provide comfort and stability. And also has fingerless gloves to allow you to move freely while exercising.

The fabric is eco-friendly and soft, the design is flattering and chic, it also offers internal support to the chest area, and is perfect for people who live an active lifestyle.


Move Free Knot Long Sleeve Top