Color Your Way to Fitness: 5 Must-Try Hues for Your Spring Activewear Collection

Color Your Way to Fitness: 5 Must-Try Hues for Your Spring Activewear Collection

When choosing new pieces for your activewear wardrobe, the color possibilities can sometimes be overwhelming. From head to toe, it’s important to pick trend colors that work well together and create a look that you feel comfortable in and confident about.  As the seasons change, so too do the latest fashion trends. For the 2023 spring season, Cosmolle adds five new vibrant colors to activewear collections. Today we’ll explore how easy it can be to combine colors when building out your activewear wardrobe so you’re always ready for your next workout!

Five vibrant colors options At Cosmolle

1. Jet Black - Timeless and Sophisticated:

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Jet black remains a versatile and classic color for sports enthusiasts. It gives a sleek and contemporary look to your workout gear and pairs well with any style. From black leggings to sports jerseys, jet black is perfect for those who prefer a simple, understated look. You can never go wrong with this timeless color when it comes to activewear.

2. Sencha-iro - Refreshing and Calming:

Sencha-iro, inspired by Japanese green tea, is a popular color trend in sportswear this season. This refreshing and calming shade will add an earthy, natural touch to your workout clothes. From yoga pants to sports bras, this hue is sure to be a hit among fitness enthusiasts.


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3. Mountain Green - Nature-Inspired:

Mountain Green is a muted shade of green that evokes the feeling of being surrounded by lush greenery. This color is all about natural inspiration for your activewear, reminding us that there is no better way to connect with nature than through sports. Mountain Green will give you that soothing and peaceful vibe that adds to your workout experience.

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4. Precious Blue - Bold and Confident:

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Precious Blue brings a touch of boldness to sports gear. This color communicates confidence, strength and elegance. This color will make you stand out in your workout session and let your inner athlete shine.

5. French Fuchsia - Fun and Energetic:

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French Fuchsia adds a pop of color to sportswear. It is bold and energetic, adding a fun vibe to any workout. This bright hue is great for both outdoor and indoor activities that require vibrant and energetic energy. Whether you are going for a run or a yoga class, this color is sure to get you pumped up.

With so many vibrant colors options, Color-matching your activewear can be challenging. By following these useful suggestions, you might just find the perfect match. When choosing activewear, make sure it complements your skin tone and body shape. So, mix and match your activewear pieces, feel good, and slay your next workout session!

Mix and Match: Useful Color-Matching Suggestions for Your Activewear

Stick to Neutrals

The easiest way to create a cohesive and effortless activewear set is by sticking to neutral colors. Black, grey, and white are great base colors that you can easily mix and match with other pieces in your collection. Neutrals such as beige, navy, and olive green can also be considered as base colors as they match well with bright shades that pop.

Color blocking

Color blocking is a fashion trend that's been around for decades, and it's not going away any time soon. Color blocking is achieved by pairing contrasting colors together in a way that creates visually appealing outfits. To achieve this look, choose two or three colors that are opposite on the color wheel. For example, red and green, or orange and blue. This will create a bold and striking activewear set that'll help you stand out.

Add Pops of Color

If you're not quite ready to wear bright colors all over, start small by incorporating pops of colors into your outfit. For instance, pair a white or black T-shirt with a colorful sports bra or leggings. This will create a subtle yet stylish look that'll make you feel confident and energized.

    Choosing the right color scheme for your activewear wardrobe can be tricky, but by following these color-matching suggestions, you’ll be able to mix and match your activewear pieces with ease. With a little bit of color theory knowledge and creativity, you can take your activewear wardrobe to the next level!
          Actually, many fashion acitivewear brands are also starting to add these trend color to their designs. They taken on this trend and the different ways they are incorporating color into their collections. So, let's dive in and discover some exciting new shades and styles to get inspired.
          • Adidas

          Adidas has been a leader in the activewear industry for many years, and they are now taking on the color trend too. Their latest collection features black, precious Blue and mountain Green, adding a pop of color to their classic designs.

          They even have a "Color Pack" collection that includes some of their iconic items in vibrant shades. These new colors are perfect for those who want to stand out during their workout routine.

          •  Lululemon

          Lululemon is known for its sleek and feminine designs, and they have now added more color to their collections. Their latest pieces feature in mountain green are perfect for Yoga.

          The Power of Color: Exploring How to Use Trend Colors in Various Sports Types and Fields

          When it comes to sports, style is just as important as performance. What you wear affects how you feel, and how you feel affects how you perform. That's why color plays such a crucial role in sports apparel. From Jet Black to Mountain Green to Precious Blue, each color delivers a unique message and emotional impact. It is time to explore how these colors are used in different sports types and fields, and how they can elevate your game.

          Jet Black is a color that exudes power, sophistication, and authority. It's often used in sports apparel to convey professionalism and intensity. In sports like football, basketball, and soccer, black is a popular color for jerseys, shorts, and cleats. It's also a popular color in combat sports, like MMA and boxing, where athletes wear black shorts and gloves to intimidate their opponents. But black isn't just for aggressive sports. In yoga, black leggings and tops are a favorite choice for their slimming effect and versatility. In running, black shoes are often the top choice for their sleek style and durability.

          Mountain Green is a color that represents nature, growth, and balance. It's often used in sports apparel to convey a sense of calmness and serenity. In sports like golf, tennis, and hiking, green is a popular color for clothing and accessories. It's also a popular color in fitness wear, as it promotes relaxation and balance during yoga and pilates. Not only does green look good, but research has shown that it also has a positive effect on athletic performance. Green has the ability to reduce stress, improve focus, and boost mood, making it the perfect choice for those looking to elevate their game.

          Precious Blue is a color that represents trust, reliability, and wisdom. It's often used in sports apparel to convey a sense of confidence and trustworthiness. In sports like swimming, diving, and water polo, blue is a popular color for swimsuits and caps, as it's believed to make athletes feel more comfortable and confident in the water. Blue is also a popular color in running shoes, as it's thought to improve performance by increasing stability and reducing fatigue. In addition, blue is a favorite color in sports team logos and branding, as it's associated with trust and reliability.


          In conclusion, color plays a vital role in the world of sports. Trend colors are just a few examples of how colors can impact our emotions, enhance our performance, and elevate our game. From professional football players to yoga enthusiasts, the right color can make all the difference. So the next time you shop for sports apparel, pay attention to the colors you choose. They may just help you achieve your goals and unlock your full potential.