6 Tips on How to Buy Underwear This Summer

6 Tips on How to Buy Underwear This Summer

There are countless models, colors and formats of panties, bras, bodysuits and other intimate pieces that make any woman's eyes shine. But do you know how to buy the ideal underwear?

You should know that buying the right underwear prevents poor blood circulation, a situation that happens when clothes are too tight. On the other hand, it is clear that pieces that are too wide do not fulfill the objective of being supported on the body.

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Therefore, it is essential to choose the right size and model for your body type, so that you do not feel any discomfort or have marks on your body.

Faced with so many questions, some care when buying will lead you to the ideal choices. We separate only essential tips for you to choose the best underwear this summer!


1. Know your measurements

The first step in understanding how to buy underwear is knowing your exact measurements. This aspect is important both when shopping online and in physical underwear stores or with resellers.

If you need to try on a pile of pieces until you get the size right, maybe you're part of the group of women who don't know their measurements by heart. So as not to be wrong, before going to the underwear store, measure your bust, chest, waist and hips with a tape measure and write down the centimeters of each part.

Know that sizes can vary the price of modeling, depending on the brand. So, whenever you buy a piece, a most comfortable bra, always check your size on the label or in the table that is available on the websites.


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2. Look for pieces with the perfect fit

Fit, the secret to a perfect look! In underwear, the rule is no different. The fit is the way the garment behaves on your body. In the case of the bra, for example, the ideal size is the one that is positioned in the middle of the back. Straps should be snug, but not tight or slipping over your shoulders.

In the case of the cup, the cups must be comfortable and the center of the piece must be very close to the body. Otherwise, you will need a larger model that fits your bust snugly.

Regarding the panties, the sides of the waist should not be tight or popping out of the clothes, as you run the risk of getting marks on the body or poor blood circulation. However, to buy the best underwear, it can't be too loose, as the ends can end up curling, marking the clothing or causing discomfort.


3. Look for models that enhance your curves

The modeling of underwear has the power to enhance your curves, making you more sexy and comfortable. So, when buying underwear, choose those that value your body, regardless of your biotype.

After all, it's time to put aside the idea that thin or chubby women shouldn't praise what they think is the most beautiful thing about their body or they can't feel sexy!

To have modeling in your curves when wearing a dress or skirt, for example, bet on modeling shorts, which avoid friction between the thighs. When the blouse is transparent, how about wearing a lacy top or bra? Body belts also greatly enhance your look and the beauties of your body.


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4. Consider your own style


To learn how to buy underwear, it's also critical to consider your style. That is, always give preference to the colors and prints that you like the most. If you like more neutral pieces, such as white, black and nudes, go in search of pieces with this style.

If you like to dare, there are several models for this, such as lace, intense colors and the traditional leopards. The rule, in addition to using something that is suitable for your size, is to feel beautiful and safe.


5. Evaluate the fabric

The quality of the material is an indisputable factor, especially when we are talking about underwear. This aspect makes all the difference in durability, fit and safety when wearing underwear. Our tip is to evaluate all the fabric, seams and textures before taking the bra, panties or any type of clothing.

If the piece is too soft, it will not firm up your silhouette as it should. Therefore, the fabric must be firm! Remember that models with thick and excess seams can mark the body and clothing.

Also keep an eye out for underwear that tends to fray easily. If you want to avoid this problem, look for seamless panties, for example. They are a big hit as they don't mark clothes either.

In addition, materials such as polyamide have low strength and durability, unlike microfiber and regular polyester (although it is not a very comfortable fabric to wear for a long time).


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6. Realize and consider your body type


Some models look great on your friend, but don't have the same fit on your body? This is very likely because you have different body types and we are not talking about weight.

When we buy the right underwear for our body type, it fits like a glove, in addition to providing safety and comfort. That said, to make your choice easier, know the most common body types and try to identify yours in front of the mirror.

  • Oval: large, well-rounded breasts;
  • Pear: shoulders narrower than the hip region;
  • Hourglass: shoulders and hips the same width. Thinner and more marked waist;
  • Inverted triangle: form opposite to the leg, with the shoulders wider than the hip line;
  • Triangular silhouette: less accentuated curves. It has shoulders, hips and waist approximately the same width.

Combine the knowledge of your body type with the choice of pieces of high quality, comfort and beauty. Therefore, to understand how to buy underwear, it is important to take into account particularities that go beyond the model, such as size, type of fabric and your body type. Now, get to know the characteristics of your biotype and rock the look!