AirWear Wireless Bra

  • $58.00

AirWear Wireless Bra


Kiss wires goodbye and embrace what your mama gave you with our comfortable, durable, and supportive wireless bra.

Think of a bra that feels like clouds- this is it. Our pull-over wireless bra is carefully made with 3D printed technology and Collagen Polyamide Yarn for a collagen boost and cooling effect. Self care is now easier to achieve with the collagen, antioxidants, and amino acid rich bra that helps improve the skin's elasticity, reduce signs of aging, all while keeping it cool and hydrated.

There's no hardware, no seams, and breathable cups. It's stretchy and never loses shape. It's supportive but never constricting. It feels like second skin day in and day out.

  • No hardware, no seams
  • Fixed cups
  • Stretchy and keeps shape, even after 50 washes