Need to exchange something? Welcome to the wonderful world of shopping ;-) We’ve tried really hard to make our Exchange Process as hassle-free as possible, and are quite proud of what we’ve achieved. You can start your exchange process like this:

a. Go to

b. Fill out the questions we ask you there - mostly related to what item you want to exchange and why.

c. Wait for your Returns and Exchanges Authorization Code and instructions - we’ll send them via email. This email can take up to 2 work days to get to you. If you haven’t gotten the email after 2 work days, this is what you can do.

d. We’ll let you know once your new package is being shipped. You can expect the entire process to take 2-3 business days.

Keep in mind we will only provide you with an Exchanges Address and/or Returns and Exchanges Code once we’re able to process your exchange, so don’t send anything our way until you do. We might not get it!