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Shaping Shorts

When Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday all feel like a Monday these shorts will come to the rescue making everyday feel like a Friday. Seamless, sheer, open back, butt lifting we've made them all. Our shorts are made with super stretchy premium material that allows you to stay cool and comfortable during your long workout, bike ride, a night of dancing, or even your whole day at the office. If your looking for something seamless and simple try our seamless mid thigh shorts, and if your looking for extra contouring look no further than the butt lift shaper shorts. With seven targeted compression zones it’s smoothing and shaping in all the right places. Soft enough to wear all day, firm enough to tuck your tummy, waist, and back, and comfy enough to forget you have them on. Make sure your shapewear collection isn't short of shorts, because sometimes thats all you need for that extra oomph. One thing's for sure that once you've tried them you'll be keeping them on all day.

Shaping Panties

Ever wonder what could be better than going commando? Wearing the perfect panties!! If your you're looking to shape your body and you're not wearing the proper panty then you might as well go commando, because unintentionally panties are shaping our body since we wear them daily. No worries though because we've designed the perfect collection for you. First, quality and comfort they go together like strawberry and champagne, one is good but together they're better. Second, we need tummy control to avoid a muffin top from panties that dig in. Lastly, no panty lines to avoid creating layers in the butt area which we solved with two options either with a thong or full coverage. Enjoy stretchy breathable comfort with full tummy coverage. Seamless options with no skin irritants, easy wash and care, no rolling up and down, we've checked off all the boxes for you.