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Comfort Line

Fashion meets innovation. Choose the level of compression and control you want without compromising your comfort. This collection is lightweight, breathable, comfortable, and soft. Our clever design allows you to look and feel your best with unfelt compression suitable for all day wear. Comfort line pieces are very versatile; you can wear them on different occasions and during all seasons. They effectively smooth your tummy, slim your waistline, shape your hips and thighs (yes thighs! because the shorts come in different lengths.), and lift your bottom to create a shape that leaves you without any concerns or discomfort. Every woman deserves to look good and feel comfortable, leave it to these multitasking shapers. High compression yet breathable, powerlifting yet lightweight, knee length shorts with skin friendly anti-slip silicone strip for no rolling up or down (we’ve all been there and we know how frustrating that can be). Comfort is the new black, so look no further for the perfect most comfortable shapers in this line.