The bra is an important part of the women's wardrobe. Whether to give support, comfort or to complement the look. This item should be chosen according to the needs of each woman.

But many women with large breasts have a harder time finding bras that fit their needs. In addition, often not even knowing what attributes this piece has to bring to provide the necessary comfort.

Every body is different and unique. Therefore, it is essential that, first of all, you know how to evaluate the body of clients and identify the bra models available. Thus, it is easy to know which one best suits the curves of each one, in order to find the ideal bra.

Are you interested and want to know how to indicate the best bra for those with large breasts? So, keep reading!

  1. SIZE

One of the most important issues for choosing the most comfortable wireless bra is choosing the correct size. If it is bigger than the ideal, the piece does not support and, if it is smaller, it marks and bothers.

Many women do not know, but the numbering of bras is divided into two parts. One referring to the size of the back, numbering 40, 42 and so on. And another that measures the size of the breasts, and that carries the letters A, B, C and so on.

However, most women buy lingerie, choosing only the numerical size and, therefore, the bra does not look good. So, the ideal size is a combination between the back measurement and the breast measurement.

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Women with large breasts often struggle to find the perfect bra. When the cup fits perfectly, the bra can be loose in the back. When the sides are correct, the cup doesn't fit. However, one thing is certain: these women need comfort and models that do not harm their posture.

Bras for large breasts should provide good support. For example, the sides and cups of the piece, which play an essential role in this regard.

Wide, reinforced and soft-touch straps help support, lighten weight and prevent skin scarring and bruised shoulders. But, contrary to what many think, the straps help very little in terms of support. So, the function of the straps is more related to comfort.

Therefore, for good support, you need to pay attention to the base of the bra. Ideally, these bras have wide sides, as 90% of the breast support is directed to the sides. And the bulge needs to be firm and give complete support. Another part of the bra responsible for supporting the breast are the chest bands – therefore, models with reinforced bands on the chest are also indicated.

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Another important point is to know what the type of breast is and what the desired effect is. For example, if the intention is to lift sagging breasts, the bra must be firm at the base, and have a well-structured cup, in addition to the ideal size to ensure support.

For those looking for comfort and everyday use, a rimless bra model with support can be a great indication!

But, if the client wants a clear effect that the breasts are in the right place, then she should opt for models with a rim and a well-reinforced base. Even in a strapless bra proposal, to be even more sensual.

And those who want to disguise their large breasts, should invest in pieces that cover the entire breast and distribute its volume throughout the cup. Cups and pads should be avoided as they enhance the breasts.

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It is also important that the piece is made of resistant and quality material. Allowing the skin to breathe and not cause overheating. Mainly for everyday use, the seamless ones are indicated. So pay attention to the fabric used in the making of bras.



The last issue that should be considered when buying a bra is when it will be worn. It is important to know if the piece will be used on a daily basis or on special occasions. Well, in these situations it should be combined with the style and color of the most comfortable underwear and also with the shape of the neckline.

If the client is going to wear the bra on a daily basis, she should wear a well-reinforced and comfortable model. The more daring models should be left for special occasions, in which she wants to highlight the size of her breasts.