Shapewear Care: Definitive Guides

Cosmolle Shapewear Care: Definitive Guides

When it comes to caring for the great shapewear, following a few general guides will extend your undergarment's overall lifetime and utility. We’re taking some of the best tips for washing and storing your shaping garment so that you can fittingly keep your foundation undergarments in great “shape.”

With proper care, Cosmolle's shapewear can last you up to two years (at least).

So how to care shapewear, follow these simple guides:

How to Wash

How to Wash Shapewear

Some women buy shaping garments and never wash the item because they are scared that they will destroy it, but the truth is the opposite. If you never gently wash your garment regularly, the shapewear is not going to do its job as it should.

Non-Latex Shapewear Care

Non-Latex Shapewear Care

If your washing machine has a hand wash cycle or a gentle cycle, you can wash shapewear that doesn’t have latex. Make sure to read the tag or label, and sure your shapewear no contains latex. Excessive agitation or hot water can damage the construction of the material.

Latex Shapewear Care with Hand-Wash

Latex Shapewear Care with Hand-Wash

You should be especially mindful of latex garments because latex material can be broken easily. So we highly recommend to hand-wash your latex shapewear with a bucket or tub of warm water, using a very mild shampoo. Hand washes with gentle detergent in water not exceeding 30°C.

Using the Right Type of Detergent

Using the Right Type of Detergent

Choosing the right type of detergent is also an essential tip of care shapewear. Because any detergents that contain softeners, dyes, fragrances, alcohol, or bleach can irreparably damage your shapers by breaking down their construction. So remember to use a mild shampoo or baby shampoo for all shapewear containing latex.

How to Drying

Air dry at room temperature.

Avoid heat and direct sunlight.

Air Dry Shapewear

Air Dry Shapewear

Avoid putting your shapewear in the dryer. Overmuch heat can damage the latex and elastic. Once you have washed your shapewear finish, you should lie them flat to air dry, or you can hang on a line clothes pegs to air dry as well.

If you have to dry your shapewear using a dryer, then you should also use the cool setting as well as the gentle cycle. But this is really not recommended; you can do this if you’re short on time.

How to Store

How to Store Shapewear

Do not iron, dry clean or bleach.

When your foundation garment is fully dry and how to store the garment is very important.

Keep your shapewear out of the direct or burning sun and a dark place is best for storing.

Storing your shapewear is in an enclosed drawer or closet cabinet to best keep each shaping garment’s shape.

Never roll your shapewear up instead you should try to lie it flat in a drawer. If you are unable to fit it flat, you can neatly fold it in half or in a way that the shape of the garment.

Full body shapers, bustiers and shaping slips are kept in their natural shape, so avoid folding these.