Not only Fabrics and Styles, But Cosmolle's Technology

Not only Fabrics and Styles, But Cosmolle's Technology

Not only Fabrics and Styles, But Also Cosmolle's Technology (2)

Shapewear isn’t just a functional item of clothing, it's a powerful piece that gives confidence. Confidence is not only how you look, but how you feel as well. We want to boost that confidence by filling you in on our fabric technology. Cosmolle three compression series were carefully crafted for certain functions. Like a work of art, every detail counts. We’ve created three levels of compression, light, medium, and high.

Our light compression level series is 83% nylon and 7% spandex. The fabric is simply delicate, soft, and breathable making it comfortable to wear all day round. The waist and leg parts are double layered. This special design was chosen to firmly control and tighten those specific areas as well as lifting the buttocks and defining the hip line while still feeling comfortable and light.

Low Back Thong Bodysuit Shapewear

The medium compression series is 84% nylon and 16% spandex, this blend features durability, tension, and strong rebound force. When you’re wearing an item from the medium compression series, you will notice that the mesh structure of the buttocks is light, thin, and breathable. When this fabric is stretched, the special weaving and yarn work together to form a reaction force which offers good support in that specific area.

Hera 6032 Seamless Bodysuit Shaper

Last but not least, the third and strongest level is the high compression level series. It is made with 82% nylon and 8% lycra spandex. Lycra and ordinary spandex have high elasticity, excellent elongation, and wrinkle resilience. It’s capable of stretching 6-7 times its size and quickly return to its original state with the disappearance of tension. It has extraordinary stretch and recovery properties which places this fabric on the top shelf.

Luxury Seamless 1020 Mesh Shorts Shaper

Lycra blended garments are not only comfortable to wear but can also hold up for a long time before replacing. High compression series garments have an elastic inner cloth with high adhesion to strengthen the focus of the key parts ex. Tummy, hip, thigh, buttocks while maintaining its softness and comfort.

Seamless Lycra 0227 Bodysuit Shaper

Our manufacturing technology doesn’t stop there however. We’ve introduced SensElast to our garments as well. This technology is based on a patented process of coating and bonding textiles with 3D embossing design. Sounds a bit complicated but in fact it's very simple, this technology is soft, seamless and feels like a second skin. Some of SensElast features are no sewn in elastics, no visible panty lines, smooth flocked edges, and no delamination.

Cosmolle Package
Why we recommend garments with this technology? Well, there are quite a few advantages.

SensElast designs enhance the properties of the fabric making it shape and support beyond the expectations. The innovative 3D printing is soft, comfortable, and offers a smooth finish. The sexy Art Deco design on the shaping panties isn’t just for show, it also works as a contouring agent targeting all the right places. You won't believe it until you try it, it's just that amazing!